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In 1859 Fredrick Holden published a small book "The Descendants of Banfield Capron...". In that work he detailed as much information as he was able to gather at the time of Banfield Capron and the first few generations of of his descendants. Using Holden's book as a starting place, I began to try to fill in some of the data missing on those first generations and expand the lines beyond the 1859 cutoff of his work. The data contained on this site is the result of that effort. The information comes from many sources. Published genealogies, local histories, family bible records, files of other researchers and internet web sites to name a few. Much of this data is unconfirmed by me. Therefore this information should be used by others as merely a STARTING POINT to establish and prove their own linage. I welcome corrections and additions.


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Many of the trees found on the internet, especially, show that the parents of Banfield Capron b. circa 1660 are Banfield Capron b. 1630 and Elizabeth Blackington b. 1632.  This incorrect information seems to come from an data base U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900. There are several entries for Banfield Capron in this data base and most contain incorrect information about Banfield and Elizabeth Callender Capron.  Elizabeth Blackington was Banfield Capron's, b. circa 1660, second wife.  They wed in 1733 and she died in 1735.  To my knowledge the parents of Banfield Capron, b. circa 1660 are still unknown. 

Many trees on, and Family show Banfield born in Chester, Flintshire, Wales.  This is totally incorrect.  There is NO Chester in Flintshire or Wales.  Anywhere.

Many of the same trees show that Banfield b.1660 had children with Elizabeth Blackington and Sarah Norton.  All 12 of his known children were with wife Elizabeth Callender.  Many of these trees show Banfield as the father of 16 children.

He did NOT have a son Nathaniel b.1681. 
He did NOT have a son Joseph b.1685 
He did NOT have a daughter Betsey b.1701
He did NOT have a an unnamed son b.1701

Another common error is that Elizabeth Callender died in 1708.  She did NOT.  She died in 1732.

As you browse thru the trees on Ancestry you will see many "Sources" that supposedly support the "fact".  Digging deeper into some of these "sources" I've found that they are in fact NOT "sources" as a genealogist would view them.  They are merely indexes of Family Trees and Family Group Sheets submitted to someone who extracted the info into an index form.  Many of these so called "sources" even contridict one another. 

As you research LOOK at the data.  If it seems unreasonable then it probably is incorrect.  Like trees that show Banfield Capron b.1630 and died in 1752.  Or ones that show Elizabeth Blackington born 1632 and died 1794.  Both highly improbable life spans.

Use these trees and sources for what they really are.  Pointers, leads, avenues for more research.

As of 15 Dec 2016 this data base contains information on 48,156 probable descendants of Banfield Capron. It also contains some 1200 plus Capron surnamed individuals who I have, to date, not been able to connect to established Capron lines.  Your help with these would be appreciated.  See the list of Unconnected Caprons.  Some corrections and/or additions provided by visitors to this site are still pending. I'll get them incorporated as time allows.

Where Did Banfield Capron Come From?

Frederic Holden in his "Descendants of Banfield Capron..." included several narratives, related to him by various people, regarding Banfield Capron's origins. One of these narratives stated that Banfield "...was from the northerly part of England, and that the town joined Wales." He went on to conclude that from the information Banfield was from the town of Chester in Cheshire.

After years of searching any record I could locate on Cheshire and/or Chester I (nor any other researcher) have ever found ANY Capron ever having lived in either Chester or Cheshire. Several years ago while reading Peter Coldham's book "Emmigrants In Bondage" I found several Caprons listed. They were all from Devonshire. I started looking at Devonshire records and found several Capron families but none in the time that Banfield Capron and his family would have lived there. I then remembered another part of Banfield's history from Holden's book. It mentions that after he had been in America for a time a family he had known in England by the name of Callender came to America and he became reacquainted with them and later married one of the daughters of the family. In another passage it states that the father of the family was John Callender and the daughters name was Elizabeth. So I started looking at Devonshire records for Callenders. I found in the Church records for the town of Chulmleigh an entry for an Elizabeth Callender, dau. of John Callender, born in 1661. Also while looking at Devonshire records I noticed there were several Banfield families scattered around. Most were located in and around Exeter but there were a few located in the northwest part of Devonshire.

A short break here for a geography lesson. Devonshire is located in the southwest part of England. The southern borders are on the English Channel. The western borders are on the Atlantic and the northern border is on the Bristol Channel across from Wales. There are 2 seaports on the Atlantic shores as well as several on the southern coast. Chulmleigh is in the northwest part of Devonshire about 15 miles from the Bristol Channel. Somerset is to the northeast and Cornwall is to the southwest of Devonshire.

Now for a summation. Fact: Devonshire was the home of Capron and Callender families. Fact: Banfield is a rather uncommon given name. Fact: Devonshire, while not directly bordering on Wales is separated only by a few miles of water from Wales. Fact: There are several families of Banfields in Devonshire. Fact: There was at least one Callender family in Devonshire in the 1660s with a daughter named Elizabeth whose father was named John. Fact (tho unproven): Banfield Capron knew a Callender family in England who later came to America.
Based on the above information I've arrived at a working hypothesis that Banfield Capron was from Devonshire not Cheshire. That he probably lived in the northwest part of Devonshire. And that Banfield was the maiden name of his mother or grandmother or the surname of his grandfather. Now all that is left is to prove it.

Need Help With Lost Caprons

At the top of this page you will see a button labeled "Unconnected Caprons". These are Capron surnamed people who I have been unable to link into one of Banfield Capron's lines. The Capron surname in America is fairly unique and I think it more than likely many of these folks connect in some way. Please take a few minutes to look thru the list and see if recognize any of them and have any information that will help identify and link them to a descendant line of Banfield Capron.


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